The Prime Minister has confirmed that COVID-19 public restrictions are to be eased on Monday 19th July 2021.

However, England’s Chief Dental Officer has informed us that we should continue to implement our COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures until further notice. This is in line with the Government’s guidance that states “Health and care settings will continue to maintain appropriate infection prevention and control processes as necessary and this will be continually reviewed. Guidance will be updated based on the latest clinical evidence this summer.”

Consequently, we shall be continuing to follow our existing strict COVID policies that have served us all so well. We shall continue to carry our our pre appointment triage to check your COVID status the day before your appointment and social distancing measures will remain in place at Stedham House. We shall also require you to wear a face mask when you are in the building and to use the hand sanitiser provided as before. Further details regarding patient instructions can be found below.

We shall continue to have restrictions placed upon us when performing aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). These included procedures requiring the use of the high speed drill or ultra-sonic scalers when we have to leave time between patients to allow for the thorough ventilation of the surgeries. This unfortunately will continue to impact on the number of patients we are able to see in a working day and means that there is likely to be a longer wait for these appointments than we would like. We are very sorry for this, but we are all working extremely hard to provide care for our patients within the restrictions and guidance in a way that continues to ensure that we are all kept safe.

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again in due course, but obviously should you have any questions regarding our COVID public health measures please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew, Stuart and all the Stedham House Team

Patient Instructions
Regarding the new COVID-19 Protocols

  1. If you are arriving by car and parked in the car park, please stay in your car and we will phone you when it is appropriate to enter the building via the basement door at the rear of the practice. Further instructions will be given by the receptionist.
  2. If you are arriving on foot, please use the bell to the right side of the basement door and the receptionist will provide further instructions.
  3. Guidance stipulates people in health care settings should wear masks, so we request please that you wear a mask when inside the practice. We can provide masks for a small fee.
  4. On entering the waiting room, please use the hand sanitiser provided on the desk to the left of the door and rub for at least 20 seconds.
  5. Patients seeing Margaret de Verteuil, please have a seat in the waiting room that is not covered by tape or proceed to the surgery as instructed.
  6. Patients seeing Stuart White, Andrew Tomalin and Mandy Southey, please proceed upstairs to the main waiting room and wait further instructions.
  7. Please note we have been advised to restrict use of the toilet facilities for cross-infection reasons and would like to remind you to use your own facilities before leaving home.
  8. Please keep your possessions with you and don’t leave anything in the waiting room.
  9. After you have completed your treatment please proceed to the reception desk on the ground floor. Unfortunately we will only be able to take payment by debit or credit card, not cash.
  10. Please use the hand sanitiser provided on the desk in the hallway on leaving the reception area and exit the practice through the front door.
  11. Please remember to maintain a social distance of 2m wherever possible whilst in the practice.
  12. Current guidelines stipulate that ‘aerosol generating procedures’ i.e. those requiring the use of the high speed drill or ultra sonic scaler, require the surgery to be left ‘fallow’ for 60 minutes on completion of the treatment. This severely restricts the number of appointments that we can make in a day which are consequently in high demand. Due to the length of time required for these appointments, we will be obliged to charge £120/hour for appointments not kept or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Please remember that in attending the practice you are making a declaration that neither you nor any of your household has displayed symptoms of COVID-19 i.e. a high temperature >37.8°C, a persistent cough or a loss of sense of smell or any other flu-like symptoms in the last 5 days.

Thank you again for your
help, your understanding and your patience during this period of transition.

We look forward to seeing
you at your appointment.