We offer a range of mouth guards to protect your teeth from trauma through sport and wear through grinding.

Mouth guards are custom made protective devices that cover your teeth and gums.

Mouth guards can be worn during sporting activities to prevent damage to your teeth (especially during highly physical activities) and during the day and/or night to prevent damage to your teeth as a result of teeth grinding.

Sports guards

Sports mouth guards not only protect teeth during physical activity, they also protect the jaw as well. The risk of damage to your teeth and jaw are greatly reduced as a result of wearing one.

Night guards

In cases of teeth grinding, it is recommended that mouth guards are worn at night, when the jaw is most relaxed. They help even out the pressure across your jaw to create a barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage caused by teeth grinding.

Benefits of mouth guards

  • Prevent tooth damage associated with teeth grinding and protects teeth and gums from injury during sports.
  • Can reduce tension headaches and jaw pain.
  • They can improve sleep patterns and reduce damage to your teeth and jaw.


How long do mouth guards last?

It is generally recommended to replace them every year due to the general breakdown from usage. However, if you experience tooth loss or undergo dental treatment or if the mouth guard is showing signs of significant wear, then your dentist may recommend this is replaced sooner.

Can you wear a mouth guard all the time?

Yes. Some people grind and clench their teeth when they are under stress so they find it beneficial to wear a mouthguard all the time to prevent damage to their teeth.


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