A missing tooth doesn’t have to mean the end of your smile. We offer several options to replace missing teeth so that you can smile with confidence.

Teeth can be lost due to trauma, tooth decay or extraction. The resulting space can be unsightly, reduce bite effectiveness and lessen the support available for your neighbouring teeth.

We provide a range of treatments to replace missing teeth and regain a great, healthy smile.

Treatments to replace missing teeth

Dental Bridges 

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration which is commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth to a healthy adjacent tooth or dental implant. The artificial tooth is made of either tooth coloured porcelain, alloy or gold.

The procedure will usually require a consultation followed by two appointments and will involve preparing the neighbouring teeth to accommodate the bridge. It is an effective way of closing the gap of a missing tooth, allowing for a full and confident smile.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is essentially made up of two parts; a ‘screw’ (the implant) and a ‘crown’ (or replacement tooth). They are used to support single or multiple crowns and dentures, and are placed in the jawbone to create a seamless smile without damaging neighbouring teeth. 


Due to advances in denture technology, Dentures are now a viable solution for tooth loss.  They consist of artificial teeth and gums which are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth to give you a confident smile. They are not permanently fixed which makes them easy to clean and therefore will ensure your oral health can be easily maintained.

Benefits of replacing missing teeth

  • Restoring missing teeth will make easier to eat and drink
  • Replacing a missing tooth can have a positive effect on the structure of you face and prevent sagging
  • Tooth replacement can help you smile with confidence


What is the best option for me?

Your dentist will discuss the most appropriate options with you at your consultation. We will provide a written treatment plan that may include different options to suit your preferences and budget.

Are the treatments painful?

We use a local anaesthetic to reduce the risk of any pain during the procedure but as with any procedure, you may still feel some mild discomfort during and/or after treatment.


“Always super professional and friendly, the team at Stedham House really work with your best interests at heart. The whole experience is a positive one. “

Laura Storm – February 2019

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